Measured Extravagance

2001-04-17 - 7:16 p.m.

We got religion at the library today, but that didn't stop us from snickering through Disco The Kid's attempt to sneak in some shut-eye. Though I was a bit startled to discover that today's teenagers know "Islands In the Stream"?! I remember singing that with the other gals in the locker room when I was a teenager. Oy. It's like hearing Police songs described as "oldies"...which reminds me of a conversation I once overheard between two colleagues:

Stefan: "Matt, today's kids like the music their parents listened to."
Matt, horrified: "What the hell is wrong with them?"

Also LMAO at The Skinhead Hamlet (thanks to to Kymm, who got it from someone else...)

Took a "what's your style" quiz during a coffee break. This is what they told me. If they're right, y'all better be stocking up on sandals and six-year-old sweaters if you want to keep up with Miss Thang.

Last but most definitely not least:

Isn't she cute?

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