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2001-04-16 - 10:23 p.m.

Updates may become irregular in timing (irregular content being a given) for a while, as we've just adopted Curly. We've renamed her Absinthe ("Abby" for short). She's around ten weeks old and part-shepherd. She's smart and beautiful and sweet. We're mad. We're giddy. We're in love.

* * *

Some good books in today's library visit.

* * *

I have a pretty healthy ego most of the time, but I must confess that it's difficult not to feel like an underachiever when one's college classmates are already winning Pulitzer prizes. I am glad for Dave, but I am also very firmly reminding myself that the poetry winner was cited for his eleventh book, at age 61.

* * *

Ordered baby octopus nigiri at Koto tonight, what with the Red Wings on my mind. The experience turned out to be a trifle unnerving - I hadn't realized that this meant whole miniature octopi on those little rice beds. The Beautiful Young Man gave them a quick eye-over and promptly said, "They're both yours."

* * *

The puppy's sacked out. The cat's giving me the "aren't you going to pay attention to ME" look. In other words, it's time for smurgles and sleep.

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