Measured Extravagance

20 January 2004 - 10:18 p.m.

So many sources of entertainment:

Yiddish nail polish. I kid you not.

(Stumbled upon while surfing for more information about Nahum Stutchkoff's Yiddish thesaurus (started listening to the Yiddish Radio Project CD compilation in the car this morning). Inordinately amused by his son's dry comment about Stutchkoff's adjectivally-lavish Manischewitz commercials - something like "remember, this is matzoh he's talking about.")

And before Mandy Patinkin crooned "Maria" as "Mein Mirl," there was Seymour Rexite singing "Surrey Mitn Fringe Afn Top/Oy S'iz a Sheyne Fremorgn". . .

Over at Kass Rachel's there has been extensive commentary on microwaveable pork rinds.

Dinner tonight was with Joanne at Noshville. No crowd, superb waitress. Joanne had an enormous salad with lots of water, I ordered the PPPLT (Potato Pancake Pastrami Lettuce Tomato - basically a pastrami LT between two latkes) and drank about six cups of coffee, and we both finished up with enormous slices of lemon-coconut meringue pie.

In spite of all that coffee, I'm tired. Time to take a stab at a layout, and then to bed.

This one's especially for statlady: One year ago, an old diary supplied evidence that I really do tend to forget the BYM's a lunatic until other people remind me. :-)

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