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12 February 2004 - 3:19 a.m.


  • All ye familiar with traveling to/from Boston via Manchester Airport: any hints on figuring out which bus to grab when? I know at least three people smarter than I am thoroughly flummoxed by the online schedules, so I'm thinking there must be a secret decoder ring or bizarre Yankee sacrifices involved. Help. . .?
  • All ye locals: any suggestions on where to purchase a King Cake in Tennessee?
      (And, no, that isn't a dessert with the image of Elvis engraved in the frosting.)

  • Too whomped and too to-do-listed to write much of anything this week, but I do want to note the meal I had at Restaurant Zola a couple of nights ago: for the appetizer, the six of us shared the "marinated fresh mozzarella" - a slab with three or four slices of cheese (each of which we split in half to make it go 'round) surrounded with small heaps of prosciutto, parmesan, eggplant salad, roasted peppers, capers, olives, poblano pesto, crostini and various leafy things. For my entree, I ordered the grilled venison, which arrived perfectly tender and rare and accompanied by "hazelnut almond crusted ginger grit cake, blackberry ancho sauce, pear chutney, orange foie gras butter" (description cribbed from their website, as I cannot retain that kind of detail without pencil and paper handy. . .).

    After all that splendidness, alas, we were all too full to investigate the "pineapple chili sorbet"...something to look forward to some other day, perhaps.

    Three years ago, I spent part of my evening at the 21st District Police Station in Chicago.

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