Measured Extravagance

08 March 2004 - 10:04 p.m.

Bishop Krister Stendhal, quoted at Philocrites: ". ..we need to keep teaching and speaking and educating toward a capacity of living in a non-absolute world." Yes.

* * *

300 more words this morning.
Six hours logged in at the two part-time jobs.
One new freelance assignment accepted.
One can of canned squash soup for lunch.
Two stalks of broccoli and one chicken breast transformed into supper.
Two bottles of Walgreens-quil purchased.
Three new requests from church: agreed to write a short essay for canvass and a sermon for the beginning of summer, said "no" to canvassing.

Not bad for a body running on stubbornness and tea.

Goals for the rest of the evening: one birthday card, one belated birthday package (if I can find a sturdy-enough box for it), dealing with the cat litter, and 100 more words or bed by midnight, whichever comes first or whenever the night syrup kicks in.

Two years ago: dancing and dining in Amsterdam.

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