Measured Extravagance

23 March 2004 - 10:45 p.m.

Still severely tired and congested and feeling very surly about it, and the rejection notices in yesterday and today's mail didn't help, but overall, I'd still say it's been a fine couple of days.

  • We've been showing an old friend of mine around Nashville, noshing on everything from fritters and plantains and salads to sushi and chocolate calzones and Krispy Kremes hot off the conveyor belt.
  • I got tagged as "Satan with a dog and a cat," a description that pleases me inordinately. (Was distracting the friend with cookbooks.)
  • At some point last night (we were up until 2 a.m. chatting), still completely sober (no drinking with the Levaquin), I started improvising porn about onions out loud. It's good to know I can still send 'em ROTFL.
  • Watched NCAA basketball with Statos and friends Saturday night. It's just as well I didn't bother with any pools this year, but it was amusing listening to everyone else grumble about how their brackets had gotten trashed:

    Harold: Go, Texas!
    The BYM: I thought North Carolina was your team.
    Peg: No, NC State is his team. Therefore he hates North Carolina.
    Harold: Exactly. [To the BYM:] You clearly don't deserve her.
  • One meeting chaired, some samples prepared, some errands dared...
  • Spent some time at the library this morning skimming microfiche (Fritchman's Men of Liberty: Ten Unitarian Pioneers) and looking up some obituaries (of Hendrik Willem Van Loon) from 1944. Man, I love old magazines. From Newsweek, March 13, 1944, page 97:

    Rabbit Food for Beauty

    The austerity of Lady Mendl's table at the Villa Trianon in Versailles made even Marie Antoinette's milkmaid meals seem exotic. There was a single centerpiece of fresh vegetables. Flanking it was the only electrical vegetable-juice extractor in France. Twelve of the world's best known women (among them the Duchess of Windsor and Mrs. Harrison Williams) listened closely as the guest of honor, a suave Continental with a provocative accent, dispensed fruit and vegetable juices along with the adage: Beauty is as beauty eats. When he left, Gayelord Hauser, self-styled "food scientist," felt certain "he had acquired twelve disciples who could do much in introducting scientific eating in their respective countries". . .

  • The March issue of Poet's Canvas is now up, with one of my poems: "Harper Library, Chicago." Note to other writers: Lindsay Schuler is a joy to work with.

  • One year ago, the Rev. William Young was preaching at my church: "Don't seek for salvation in the cut-and-dried places because you will not find it there."

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