Measured Extravagance

09 April 2002 - 11:33 p.m.

Yes!: Colorado Supreme Court rules that The Tattered Cover cannot be forced to turn over sales records to police without adequate cause. As quoted in The (Nashville) City Paper, the Colorado Supreme Court stated: "Because of the strength of other evidence...and because of the substantial chilling effects that are likely to result from execution of the warrant, we hold that the city has failed to demonstrate that its need for this evidence is sufficiently compelling to outweigh the harmful effects of the search warrant."

I almost bailed out of going to The Pearl Fishers tonight, what with tiredness and stuff, but ultimately, I'm glad I went. The costumes were hideous and the singing was mixed (the soprano had a tendency towards shrillness and the chorus was ok-but-not-great), but the acting amongst the leads was quite good, and Bizet sure knows how to write a duet. The guy seated to my left admitted he had come to the opera just to see the first act "friendship duet" and had planned to leave at the first intermission, but the production was good enough that he stayed through the whole thing.

And there were tears pricking my eyes during the ending: although it's a completely different beast, Gilbert and Sullivan's Yeoman of the Guard comes to mind.

"queen+mum+jokes" are still dominating the search engine stats, but this week's Weirdest Search (So Far) Award goes to "asian+men+wearing+short+skirts"...

Yes, Effervescent One, I'll making a point of stopping by Fido one of these evenings to lift a mocha in your honor.

One year ago: "There's something rather cheering about fact that even Poet Laureates openly indulge in doggerel." (An aside to Natalieeeeeee: You didn't think the bit between _________ and _________ about red roses in The Golden One prefigure the later references to Zenda by Herr Tregarth and his ladylove? I fancy they just might.)

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