Measured Extravagance

30 May 2004 - 11:04 p.m.

A nice touch, so to speak, at last night's marriage ceremony: the couple asked everyone present to bless their wedding rings. A small basket, festooned with ribbons and flowers, held the rings and traveled up and down each pew, each guest holding the basket for a moment and silently resting his/her palm or fingertips upon the rings. Some of the families near me chose to join their hands together over the basket.

After a bit of drinking, much dancing, and a closing pick-up rendition of "Amazing Grace," I went home and stayed up for a while to write. Which meant not getting enough sleep before church, but the boys were still out riding when I got home, so I went back to bed and savored the sheer decadence of lolling in it with the cat, snoozing and rereading An Independent Woman.

After which I woke up, made lunch, poured myself a glass of riesling (2002 Von Buhl Pfalz - picked mainly because it was on sale and had a saxophone on the label, but quite nice regardless) and lost myself devouring up Gramarye's various Dark is Rising fics, for which I blame Dichroic since she pointed me there.

By the by, I know there's slash for virtually everything these days (one of my all-time favorites is this riff on Iron Chef), but I'm still reeling a bit from absorbing the concept of Dark is Rising slash -- that there's enough for an archive, even. To which my third or fourth response (after "Good God" and "of course" and "why is the flask of JD never handy when one needs it?") was "Oh, dear, this means there's probably Prydain slash as well."

A quick Google appears to bear this out, but I don't dare investigate further. Frankly, it's enough to make a girl go dredge up some soothing Lovecraft instead...

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