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01 September 2003 -

Ah, why not charge into September with a battle cry?

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[Via Ghost of a Flea.]

Truth be told, September began with a shriek, when I realized something in my handful of cat food was wriggling. Time to refresh the roach traps, it seems.

The day got much better, though, in spite of feeling somewhat run down - breakfast with the Beautiful Young Man, a note on pejorative calculus from Kale, a long nap on the sofa, a fair amount of writing, and Albert Goldbarth's Great Topics of the World. As I told Kale, the essays are loopy, maddening, and entertaining - a prime example of someone skilled enough with composition to get away with bending its rules.

"You dyspeptic-arsed tatterdemalion, give here!"
"Gimme!" (or Danish to that effect).
"No way!" (or German to that effect).

That would be Goldbarth imagining the exchange between Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler over some precious scraps of calculations, in a tale that will also include a blonde mistress and a Czech golem and imaginary super-siblings and Amy Lowell and Mars - no, wait, those last two are in a later essay.

Also reading: the August issue of Ideomancer. Marcus Clarke's "The Haunted Author" is indeed a classic.

[So where have I been? The hiatus included some cooking, some preaching, and some singing.]

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