Measured Extravagance

29 September 2009 - 9:56 a.m.

recent work

Kol Nidre (text and audio) at qarrtsiluni

Three short poems (two new, one reprint) at 7x20

I Hear You With Half of My Heart at my poem rocks

recent reading

  • narcissa's latest entries. The one titled piano - yes.
  • Greta Cabrel poems on sushi and challah at Clean Sheets
  • Started Daniel Gavron's Walking Through Israel over breakfast this morning.
  • Finished Vince Spadea's Break Point last night. Quite entertaining, especially in his assessments of Federer and Nadal (it's his tour diary from 2005, when they were both on the verge of greatness but not yet established there yet. Tempus fugit).
  • Carolyn Miller's Light, Moving. More about it in my post at Vary the Line.
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