Measured Extravagance

03 October 2003 - 8:25 p.m.

Two quotes from Naomi Chana, the first because it made me laugh and the second because it's an intriguing claim - I was trading thoughts with a friend about religious ritual, sociopolitical change, and (non)egalitarian Judaism just this morning.

". . . Marina in Shakespeare's Pericles is annoying, but this is largely because the action of the play comes to a screeching halt for several scenes once she grows up, not to mention that the damn bear has more agency than she does."

"Oddly enough, the main problem in writing for an audience of academic medievalists is convincing some of them that discrimination against women's visions wasn't always common. I think it cheapens some very real historical developments to assume that Women Have Always Been Oppressed By Men Whenever Possible. In fact, women have been oppressed by men in specific ways at specific times and in specific places: this sort of narrative is both more interesting and more likely to yield possibilities for change."

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