Measured Extravagance

07 October 2003 - 10:18 p.m.

Aaaaaah. When I got home with the groceries in the middle of the 5th, the Beautiful Young Man greeted me with "Now I know what it must be like to be a Cubs fan." Apparently the Cubs "were up 4-0 when he turned on the tv - and then a minute later it was 4-3, and then another click it was 4-4, and then I clicked again and it was 5-4 - awwww, dude --"

Peg, grimly: "Yup."

Dude! Sosa just homered! Game tied! Oh, look at the swarm outside of Wrigley! Game heading into the 10th. . .

Peg: "Yeah!"
The BYM looks up inquisitively.
Peg: "Diving catch."
The BYM, eyeing the replay: "More like a falling-over catch."

10:34 p.m: The BYM, who has been snarking at the broadcasters throughout the playoffs: "Are there people who land on their elbows on purpose, for God's sake?"

10:43 p.m., top of the 11th: TV shows row of Cubs fans shaking their heads after Lowell hits a pinch-hit home run just over the lip of the ivy. Yeah, that looks more familiar. . .

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