Measured Extravagance

2001-03-11 - 11:25 p.m.

More Shakespeare today (armed with a hospitality suite pass from Mr. Fischer for the interval). Other pleasures of the weekend:

Off The Clock 2, an exhibit at Borders Books and Music in downtown Ann Arbor of employees' art and poetry. Lots of good work there, including a big funky fish made out of beads and wire, nifty manipulated photo images by Lisa Hoffman, a riff off of Shakespeare's The Tempest by Toddzilla, and my pal Blaireau's The Three Graces.

The Sisters of the Drum who performed at the morning service at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Ann Arbor. They were good and they were diverse - there were several young women in the group, but there were also several graying heads, one woman's hair was completely white, and most of them wore glasses. They were all enthusiastically improvising hoots and cries to accompany the drums - it was grand to behold, both visually and aurally.

Reading Susan Jane Gilman's Kiss My Tiara: How to Rule the World as a Smartmouth Goddess during one of the less inspired q&a sessions. I picked it up because the author attended several parties at my house when we were both in graduate school, but I went on to buy it becaues it looked like fun, and it does in fact live up to the billing ("A Cynthia Heimel for a new generation"). Sample chapter titles: "We Don't Shape History by Shaping our Thighs," "Every Idiot We Date Is One Less Idiot We Risk Marrying" and "Never Mind a Penis, We'll Take a Bigger Paycheck."

The costume exhibit at U-M's graduate library (including Garrick's gloves - those which were supposedly handed down from Will Shakespeare himself).

The following exchange in a seventh floor bathroom stall:

Printed on a pale mustard sign: "Please do not flush tampons, not even flushable ones. We are continuously experiencing problems with clogging..."
Pencil #1: How about 'repeatedly'? 'constantly'??
Pencil #2: Nothing better to do?
Pencil #3: Not while I'm on the toilet.

Hanging out with my sibs-in-law over mango sorbet and beer (Edmund Fitzgerald porter).

Reconnecting with my former thesis advisor (who happened to be assigned the seat next to me during the RSC series).

And on that happy note, so to packing and to bed.

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