Measured Extravagance

11 December 2003 - 11:21 p.m.

Miscellaneous notes:

  • Nashville is pretty. (No, that's not really news, but I was driving through and around the city today and kept thinking to myself how nice it is living in a place with a substantial downtown.)
  • The BYM is watching an episode of Cowboy Bebop called Boogie Woogie Feng Shui, snarking (about discontinuities, as usual) and snickering. Damn, I wish I had time tonight to watch more of these. . .
  • Chestnuts and hot chocolate go well together.
  • In church choir we're rehearsing Michael Isaacson's "Light the Legend," a fun fast cute piece (think high school chorus - lyrics very rhymey, Broadway-ish sensibility). Very fast - the director got shouted down when he (teasing) suggested we sing it in Hebrew. (One of the basses plaintively lamented, "I don't even have it in English yet!")

    Part of me does wish we were singing it in Hebrew - the English lyrics are a little too lofty-poetic high-school choir-ey for my taste ("Waxen sentries ten feet tall"!? oh, please. . .) - but I really like the refrain regardless:

    Light the candles, say the blessing,
    tell the age-old story,
    Maccabeans went to battle,
    Now we praise their glory.

    Kol haneirot, kol habrachot,
    rikudim besimcha,
    Az tagidu shehem nitschu,
    Shiru halleluyah.

    We're also singing Clif Hardin's The Work of Christmas again, which remains one of my favorite contemporary Christmas songs. (That, and John Denver and Scooter singing together Bob Beers' Peace Carol.)

  • To marymary: Bearberries, of course!
  • Getting late. Back to work.

    One year ago, I shared a really good meal with Joanne that included barberries. And I get to see her again soon! Rah!

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