Measured Extravagance

27 April 2002 - 6:00 p.m.

Coming home from the yard sale, I found out that the marathon was still going strong through my neighborhood - such that I couldn't figure out a barrier-free route to my own driveway. After experimenting with a couple of different variations, I gave up, parked in front of someone else's house about seven blocks away, cheered at some of the runners grinding their way down Woodland: lots of flag shorts this year, by the by, and the crowd at the corner of Radio Cafe got appreciably louder when a gentleman wearing both flag shorts and a flag cap and a black "In Memory of "the Intimidator" / No. ___" ran past, steadily and unsmiling. Another gentleman running with a pair of Team Leukemia women said back to me, almost conversationally, "Nice neighborhood you've got here! Very eclectic!"

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