Measured Extravagance

2001-04-03 - 10:09 p.m.

Y: Dude, I cannot believe how conceited that Mechaieh is. If she really thinks her hair is all that she should get it cut properly.

Z: Isn't going to help if she won't brush it properly. Doesn't brush her clothes often enough, either - there's gotta be more hairs on that sweater than on her entire cat.

X: She's just a slob, when you get right down to it.

Z: Lack of focus, outside and in.

Y: No shit - and that's another thing. Where does she get off being jealous of all those college classmates making good? Of course they're the ones winning the Guggenheims and going to the Oscars, they friggin' worked for it!

Z: Yup, chick's got a bad case of wanting what she hasn't earned.

X: Not only that, she knows it and she's still wasting time over at Fametracker.

Y: Like reading a bunch of wiseasses doggin' Cruise and Kidman is going to get any sonnets written.

[X sputters at use of "sonnet," "Cruise" and "Kidman" in same sentence.]

Z: Chick needs to walk her talk.

X: What she really needs to do is stop whingeing about feeling bad.

Y: Yeah - like, there isn't a Nobel Prize for sleep deprivation, so get over yourself already.

X: She'd feel a lot better if she'd take her walks and her vitamins.

Z: Think that'd make her chill? Thought her problem was no sense of humor.

Y: Nah, it's there. It's just hard to get any of the senses workin' proper when your head's crammed up your ass.

X: Ewwww. That image was really, completely uncalled for.

Y: All I'm sayin' is that girlfriend needs to get to work. Otherwise she ain't gettin' any of that green out of her face, and that's sure going to look ugly if it's still there ten years from now.

Z: Doesn't look good now, either. She doesn't have to get to work - this stuff's s'posed to be fun. If she isn't having fun she just needs to get real.

X: I think she actually likes it when she isn't too busy being pissed off about still being a beginner.

Z: What, chick can't handle the fact she wasn't born Mozart?

Y: Chick's not even on track to become Pachelbel at this point.

X: At least she knows it. She even knows what needs to be done.

Y: So what is her problem?

Z: Duende. Cojones. Chick needs to want respect more than love.

X: Is that it? Or does she need to just want some one thing more than the rest?

Y: Maybe you meant "attention" instead of "love"?

Z: Maybe chick hasn't quite sorted out one from the other.

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