Measured Extravagance

2000-12-02 - 1:02 p.m.

My husband's friend Chris sent this message, which I am posting in its entirety because I found it amusing:

> "Second run" of BT starts next Monday, and I'm hoping to pack the house, or at least have people outside the doors wondering what the noise is. Pretty please, for every time you've forwarded something that was funny, or silly, or disgusting, or touching, (because really, BT is at least two of those, isn't it?) could you forward this, too? I don't care to whom; your humor list, your bridge club, your uncle who just happens to own Doubleday...hey, it's better than spam about Microsoft giving away free PCs, isn't it? And this is probably the last time I'll ask. All you have to do is send this cute yet mysterious li'l message on to a few people:


> HEALTHIER brain candy than TELEVISION!






> E-MAILED to you every week for FREE!


> How cool does that sound?


Borrowed Time

> And, um, if you send it to, um fifteen people in the next forty-five seconds, um, your wish will come true, and they won't cut down the rainforests, and, um, the comet that's about to strike the earth can be diverted, and that little starving boy in Cheboygan can get a new lung and win his local science fair. Yeah, right.

> And, o'course, thank you for your support, whether you send this on, or delete it and doom BT to electronic obscurity... ;)

> --chris j.

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