Measured Extravagance

02 March 2002 - 2:00 p.m.

Well, I'd love to claim that they whipped me and fed me at Rancho Lesbiano, but the truth is there hasn't been any action on the St. Andrew's cross (yet) other than me falling sound asleep on the futon next to it. I have been fed, though - Badsnake toasted bagels for me and Sara, and Jake brought over decaf mochas, and we crooned over/mocked the pets (Jake and Sara have taken to calling their shih tzu "Osammy bin Lickin'"...), talked about jobs and books (Bad is sitting across from me deep in a Harlequin as I type) and house stuff and other thangs, and Sara and Bad craned their necks to see the hawk Jake sighted in the trees beyond their house (I was too fuzzy to try).

Yesterday - a long long long day. Got up at 5 :30 a.m. to prepare for a meeting and was at work until 8 p.m. Finally got on the road a bit before nine and promptly took the wrong exit and did a loop around Nashville before steering myself properly east. Note to self: gas stations in non-major east TN towns are not open 24 hours. Not a great drive, what with it being dark or raining, but Bad was ready with an umbrella and a smile when I pulled up in her driveway at 2 a.m. Met Deb and the cats (Tux and Mollie) and the basset hund (Angel), who is racing around with a mild case of doggie crazies, which in turn is prompting apologetic snickers from across the table.

Very cozy. Bad's dropping me off at the airport in half an hour (heading across the pond, I am). Yesterday's throw-in-the-car form of packing may have been my most half-assed preparation for a major jaunt ever, but it'll be okay: I may have forgotten the belt to my robe and my hairbrush, and I apparently took two birth-control pills on the same day sometime last week and didn't notice until now, but I have my passport and my tickets and plenty of reading material, and dinner with the Ranch and Weetabix to look forward to when I get back, and then back to the BYM with humor and perspective restored...

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