Measured Extravagance

03 January 2002 - 12:51 p.m.

Still having problems posting my New Year's Day entry. (Leaving the attempts up as evidence for the Diaryland fix-meister.) Gah.

Sushi at Asahi last night with the BYM, Ter and Jen. Sacked out before 10 p.m. Hence, nothing new to report - other than the feeling of relief that the person accessing this site from the pornolizer turned out to a good friend. (I realize this doesn't make sense, given how many people wind up here by Googling feminine products and finger-fucking (poor sods) but nonetheless, for a moment I definitely had that queasy "Do I need to shower off?" sensation.)

(Oh, and if the person who was looking for "poems about Boston" is still reading - I'll write one for you someday. Some other day, that is, when I'm not trying to sprint around town in my lumbering tank of a Volvo...)

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