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05 December 2001 - 1:49 a.m.

Can't remember whose site I nicked the prompts from - I just knew there'd be a night like tonight: me and a glass of "Big Bitch Red" (not-bad table wine), not quite ready to go to sleep but far too fried to focus on anything else:

* wallet: navy blue leather. Purchased in Toronto five years ago or so.
* hairbrush: Body Shop, wooden, paddle-shaped, splintered around the edges from puppy-gnawings.
* toothbrush: I think the current one is bright purple. Too lazy to get up and check. It's sitting in a short blue vase along with a dental pick and three paintbrushes.
* jewelry worn daily: a scratched-up Timex with an metal-elastic band and my wedding ring. At the moment, I'm also wearing a thin gold band my mother gave to me in high school, and a silver band inlaid with blue and green bits that the BYM picked up for me in NYC eons ago.
* socks: faded, cotton, black. I've been wearing clogs all week thanks to the blisters on my ankles from skating.
* pillow cover: random cotton percale something-or-other.
* duvet: too fancy for me. Heavy red comforter decorated with way too much cat hair.
* sunglasses: round prescription frames from an old gentleman in Ann Arbor who's since retired.
* underwear: Victoria's secret. Cotton. I'm not a natural fibers snob but it's sure sounding that way, isn't it?
* shoes: black leather clogs picked up from Goodwill for $3.
* handbag: canvas totes for every day use, little wallet-purses for formal occasions.
* keychain: pewter oval souvenir disk from the Glenora Distillery in Cape Breton
* favourite top: fuzzy green-and-grey Stratford Festival pullover. [1]
* favourite pants: I still prefer dresses.
* cd in stereo right now: random tracks on the BYM's computer. Earlier this evening: Throwing Muses, Maria McKee, Ani DiFranco...
* tattoos: none, but I have a temporary Buntport square stuck in my Franklin planner...
* piercings: just the one per ear.

[1] *catches breath as she peruses the 2002 season*: Christopher Plummer as Lear, Colm Feore as Henry Higgins...

One year ago:When the box arrived, it was gleefully sliced open with both reverence and haste, accompanied by shrieks of anticipation, followed by muffled moans of satisfaction as the precious fragments of the communion of caramel, chocolate and nuts melted inside eager mouths.

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