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15 January 2003 - morning

Let's see. Diarist Award nominations close tomorrow, so if you haven't already put forward some of your favorites, you might consider hopping to it before pumpkin-time. (For what it's worth, my nominees are seldom named as finalists, but I still enjoy the thought that I might be able to steer ab panelist to a journal outside of the superstar loop.)

Here's a find: Emma, a librarian sharing Late Night Thoughts. I liked reading her take on the struggle for power that she sees at the heart of arch-conservative opposition to abortion, as well as her tart observations on free speech and Scalia's inability to understand separation of church and state.

Last night's bedtime reading was a meander through parts of Clare Tomalin's Mrs. Jordan's Profession. Speaking of the exclusion of women from power (i.e. inheritance)....sigh

Deadlines are looming. And so, to work.

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