Measured Extravagance

11 June 2003 - 4:20 p.m.

Ampersand Project, June: stir up the dust


The wind is not going to open the door
Nor rain wash the windows, nor speech sweep the floor
Nor tantrums restore the rotted tree
And honey won't cure the bitter tea.

Vent your spleen at the gods if you must,
But better, I think, to save your breath.
We live but a flicker away from death:
Better to fashion bricks from spit and dust.

    - pld

Felt both the script and general presentation of this year's Tony Awards were the weakest in years, but now I see what all the fuss over Hugh Jackman is about. He looked pretty yummy with that shoulder-length hair and nicely-tailored suit. (And he did better with the singing than Rosie.)

Since then - much rain, two houseguests, an upset stomach, and some peering at maps. Anyone have advice on the best way to get from Logan Airport to Jamaica Plain?

One year ago: "There are times when I admire Martha Stewart, and then there are times when her 'letters' make my teeth hurt."

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