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2000-12-13 - 10:41 p.m.

Well, frail me with a faux squirrel tail: Maria McKee has a website. Surreal collages ("two children are menaced by an nightingale..."), handwritten notes from La Little Diva herself, promises of a new album - life is sweet indeed. (I know - trite allusion, but I just got back from the company Christmas party and am very much under the influence of two La Crema pinot noirs and two Absolut Mandarins...)

My two favorite songs by Maria to date are "Breathe" and "Scarlover." My favorite cover is Bob Dylan's "Go Away Little Boy," which was alone worth the price of This World Is Not My Home given often how often I played it on my road trip through North Carolina and Virginia earlier this year. This morning I was playing "Eve of Destruction" and thinking I'd really like to hear what Maria could do with that one - whether she performed it pensively or roared through it, she'd make it her own. It'd be fun to see what nuances she'd throw into it.

I also just like looking at her. She's gorgeous, whether she's going cowpunk or glam.


I saw His Name Is Alive in concert twice, and one of their signature songs is "This World Is Not My Home." It appears thrice on their album Stars on ESP. Sheer beauty. Sheer yearning. They're on hiatus now, but if you are in Detroit and you find out they're performing at the Gold Dollar, go and behold.

This world is not my home
I'm just passing through
If I told you now
If I told you how
I really feel...

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