Measured Extravagance

23 May 2003 - 11:20 a.m.

Ampersand Project, May: open. ended.

Calendar Soup

She kept complaining that it evaporated
faster than she could ladle it from the pot
but when asked to put a lid on it
she demurred
murmuring about the drifting red letters
that sometimes catch within the net
of steam and bubbles
salts and sugars
simmering into a sweetness of overflowing days.

    - pld

Joanne and her Rabbit just got engaged! Msophelia and her Dane and the kid are talking plans as well, and Mer's nuptials are coming up. So much excitement and happiness and anticipation in the air. . .

And I need to go purchase a baby present and send a thank-you note and launder the sheets (Frodo's staying with us again this weekend) and slice up cucumbers and bake cookies and whee! And I'm about to empty the shredder for the third time in 24 hours, so we're making progress with the de-cluttering as well. And somewhere in there I need to pick up more groceries and get more lettering done, and someone just changed the date of a dinner such that it now conflicts with another party I've already promised to attend --

Whee! I say. It will all get sorted out. It's exhilarating being a grown-up. Here's wishing you all a good weekend and/or holiday as well.

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