Measured Extravagance

24 June 2002 - 3:49 p.m.

Weekend scorecard: sweltered through the rally, ran the 3PP meeting, and skipped workout and church. (Something’s pinched in my right shoulder so it looks like I’ll be missing class for the next couple of days anyway.) Blew off much of my list in favor of sleeping and socializing: dinner with friends at Woodland House Friday night (trout with crabmeat and horseradish sauce); brunch with the BYM both Saturday and Sunday mornings (note to self: the watermelon sorbet tastes like bubble gum. Not recommended); and a cookout Saturday evening at a photographer’s house, where I got to ride on a manic-looking wooden rocking horse, downed some really excellent spoon bread, and was informed by a neighbor that my pesto really is the best she’s ever had. Brunch this morning was especially nice – we went back to Woodland House, where the BYM observed that the serving of French toast was less “pretty” than the one he received yesterday at The Other Place We Tried Brunch but better-tasting; I had a superb spinach-onion-cheese-mushroom omelette with fruit and bacon and potatoes; all washed down with mimosas.

Plus quite a bit of writing, a bit of reading (Robertson Davies – quotes to come), and some much-needed napping.

One year ago: I will concede that the garlic soup I made for myself during a bad bout of flu some years ago would have scared off many a lesser man.”

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