Measured Extravagance

2000-11-27 - 10:33 p.m.

Today's pleasures included:

listening to Schumann's String Quartet in a (Op 41 #1), to Sabbath madrigals by the Renaissance Jewish composer Salamone Rossi, and to the American Boychoir's rendition of "All Creatures of our God and King."

choosing cards and Christmas presents at Davis-Kidd.

the mailman bringing from our friend in Canton a lovely, swanky ebony shawl and a stone gargoyle for the garden.

crab cakes at the Yellow Porch, and a breakfast steak with plum sauce at my kitchen counter.

"arctic animal" postage stamps.

the plumage on my Christmas cactus, the red berries on the holly in the front yard, and the fragrance of the roses on the dining room table.

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