Measured Extravagance

13 March 2002 - 11:46 p.m.

Tonight's supper at the Pub (in honor of a visiting Baker Street Irregular/Adventuress) turned into a mini-reunion of sorts when it turned out all three women at the table (two local to Nashville, one visiting from Chicago) had attended U of C a generation apart (classes of 1952, 1970 and 1991). Two of us had lived in the same dormitories and the man sitting on 1970's right had worked on the campus in the 60s. So in addition to chatting about Sherlockians and Sherlockian events, we also discussed Norman Maclean (the author of A River Runs Through It - he was on the faculty when 1970 was an English major and very much in the news/catalogs of the Press when I worked there), the annual latke-hamentaschen debates, restricted giving, changes to the curriculum...

When I got home, the BYM had a question for me: "Would you throw out a man's Playboy collection?"

"Of course not. Who's in trouble?"

It appears that Ter's brother used to have a collection, but it disappeared when he got married. It further appears that Ter had decided to entrust his collection to his brother anyway during his tenure overseas, on the theory that it wouldn't look threatening ensconced in a briefcase kept amongst the other belongings in storage. Apparently Ter's brother got nervous anyway, so the collection is now in the keeping of another friend, Statos, a gay man. The BYM didn't bother asking Statos how he felt about the pictures but apparently he's finding the articles and cartoons entertaining. (As did I, when I shared a house with three other raunchy graduate students. Which reminds me, it looks like Cynthia Heimel finally has a new book out...)

One year ago: "On her part, Roosevelt is quoted as saying to one intimate that "I made the discovery long ago that very few people made a difference to me, but that those few mattered enormously," and to another "that I love other people the same way or differently but each one has their place and one cannot compare them."

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