Measured Extravagance

2000-09-19 - 9:54 p.m.

Tonight I'm more in the mood to read than write, so I'll just post a short list of pleasures:

1. A Corsican pop song called: "Tell Me Yes" by the group I Muvrini. The lyrics aren't anything special, but the song has a catchy, accordion-accompanied lope that's kept it in my brain and on my CD-player the past three days.

2. Hilarity inspired by Iron Chef:

3. Preserved prunes from China -- and the memories they evoke both of my childhood (care packages from relatives) and of chocolate covered plum candy from Poland (savored in an apartment in Chicago). I avoid spending money on Chinese products in general - today's passage of PNTR with China was not good news - but for salt-sweet-sticky savory plums, yes.

4. Georgette Heyer's _Frederica_

5. The sunlight glinting in through both the shower's glass blocks and the bathroom skylight. It felt like a weekend morning, bathing in such brilliant daylight.

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