Measured Extravagance

27 April 2002 - Ross review - part 3

I do concede that the boundaries I choose to respect render me a less compelling writer to some audiences (and that some would even call me a less honest writer for holding back). Less risk, less reward - that I understand. Her choice, my choice - I've always been made to consider "what the impact is going to be on other people" from when I was a child (for instance, my parents' paranoia [1] about whether my strongly-worded letters to the Herald-Leader against school prayer would affect my chances for acceptance to college - sigh) - and while I sometimes choose higher priorities than other people's feelings, I do think about the impact. Writing without considering the potential impact of one's words on other people is really just a form of masturbation - and I hasten to add, while I'm certainly a proponent and practictioner of self-pleasure (both physiosexual and creative-verbal - take, for instance, this journal, and especially the poetry I indulge in posting), I also feel it's both irresponsible and inaccurate to claim so broadly that it's just "the way one thinks when one is a writer." I don't think that way, and I am a writer.

[1] My parents grew up under martial law.

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