Measured Extravagance

04 October 2001 - 1:24 a.m.

The Beautiful Young Man was in the process of exploring underneath my shirt when he suddenly frowned and asked, "Why are you wearing rubber bands?"

He meant the three rubber bands on my right wrist. I'd stuck them there earlier today for lack of a better receptacle. Having completely forgotten about them, I thought he meant the sports bra I was wearing. Let's just say that the rest of the conversation included several degrees of eye-rolling from both parties.

(Well, okay, that's true of our normal conversation too.)

Packing at the next-to-last minute, as usual - the bad news is that I still have to wade through a mountain of preparation for my client visit; the good news is that, once I'm done with business, I'll get to spend the weekend with Dichroic and Rudder and their two cats.

And speaking of cats, tomorrow is also the Feast of Saint Francis, patron saint of animals. The Furry Ox just chewed up yet another book (I know, I really have got to move the lot out of the hallway) but she's still so awfully cute, as is the cat who will keep me up a half-hour beyond whenever I retire with her purring and smurgling: a happy St. Francis Day to you and your creatures as well.

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