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05 September 2010 - 2:00 a.m.

A quick aside to Narcissa: my strength and love to that you already possess. I read your words and I can't help thinking that the people who know you are so fortunate.

A quick recommendation, for all: The Fluent Self. It won't be everyone's cuppa, but there's a fair bit of wisdom and compassion here, articulated with sufficient goofiness and groundedness that it doesn't make me want to go hack up Care Bears with a rusty axe. ;-)

Recent poems and fic (all tweet-sized except the last two):

  • Your hands... (PicFic Labor Day extravaganza)

  • Drained (PicFic Labor Day extravaganza)

  • You can tell..., at microcosms

  • Cheshire knife..., at microcosms

  • The song goes..., at PicFic

  • "Hazy on the Details," a PicFic

  • "By the waters..." at microcosms

  • "free from school..." at tinywords

  • "A Study in Setting" (text and audio) at qarrtsiluni
  • Fountain (poem written in response to Hiro Boga's "Elegy")
  • At JournalScape:

    5 Sept: No one saves us but ourselves (preparing to preach...)
    3 Sept: August going out to the twin trumpets of nasturtiums (MacNeice quotes; seeing Joanne; vines)
    26 Aug: pink
    23 Aug: lake
    20 Aug: tomatoes
    18 Aug: dog and car
    14 Aug: squid and style
    8 Aug: "Immigration as a Moral Issue" poster
    6 Aug: clippings and snapshots (dog and chocolate)
    5 Aug: dog, poetry, ballot
    3 Aug: dog; wine-soaked berries
    2 Aug: Talking Library
    1 Aug: cucumbers

    (Huh. No wonder a friend recently commented, "It's all about Miss A, isn't it...")

    30 July: clippings; RIP Father Callahan
    27 July: loving the here and now
    22 July: Arizona
    8 July: love and a steady hand
    1 July: bearing witness

    30 June: John Hiatt; Persian food

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