Measured Extravagance

01 May 2003 - 12:46 p.m.

*** child missing from Nashville ***

I'll be jiggered: I didn't know Tennessee had a poet laureate. [search prompted by marymary]

It's hot enough here for air-conditioning already, so I'm quaffing gallons of decaf sweet tea and lemonade. Gobbling too many pralines and too much trail mix, too, but I hauled myself to the Y this morning in spite of going to bed late (4 a.m.) and being woken early (7 a.m.) by tractor mowers next door. Hamster-wheeling in a number of respects, but making actual (albeit conceptual, but for some of these projects that's a significant portion of the battle) progress on a number of fronts as well.

Off to ride the current adrenalin surge before it dissipates. One of the women in the morning class starts training to become an instructor tomorrow, and she helped out this morning as a co-instructor, since the lead instructor was encumbered with a heart monitor (for checkup reasons). After a couple of routines, I noticed the lead instructor giving the novice a knowing look and saying, "It pumps your adrenalin up being up here, doesn't it?" The new girl looked absolutely giddy and radiant. She's already an exceptionally fine-looking woman - watching her show her moves up front and hearing the entire class cheer her on (ranging from sorority girls to grandmothers) was a pleasure that permeated several different levels.

One year ago: It doesn't have to end like this. . .

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