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2001-08-03 - 6:51 p.m.

You mightn't think that a self-described "short mouthy Jewish stud muffaletta" and a tall-ish soft-spoken Taiwanese-American klutz would have much in common, but Dichroic continues to astonish me with her revelations. Ice cream for breakfast! I'm not alone! (And occasionally other creamy stuff, too, but not this morning, and methinks that's likely already Too Much Information given that People Who Know Me In Real Life read this journal. (Sorry about that, y'all. We now return to The Windowseat's customary demure programming.))

Anyway, for breakfast this morning I met up with the Sherlockian guys at Dan's Cafe for the Sunrise Special ($2.59 for a plate of grits, bacon, biscuits and eggs) and an extended discussion of Tennessee's education problems. (You know your state's in trouble when it ranks below Mississippi...) Three hours later, the office gals and I trooped over to the IHOP that's getting torn down later this year: coffee, vegetable soup, blintzes.

Now that I'm home, I'm noshing on half a cantaloupe and a bowl of leftover broccoli, squid and brown rice. The supermarket was out of oyster sauce, so I tried to make do with Kikkoman "stir-fry" sauce. Wrong move: it being overly sweet, the BYM wound up pushing the veggies and squid around his plate to denude them of sauce before putting them into his mouth. I should probably just start buying oyster sauce by the gallon given how quickly we go through it.

I haven't decided yet what we'll do for dinner proper when he gets home - possibly a salad and some stir-fried squash. There's some leftover pizza I should probably wrap in foil and toss into the freezer for one of next week's breakfasts. The plan for the rest of the evening is to tackle the household chores I didn't quite get around to last night, for which I blame Jan: If she hadn't notified me of her Top Five Collab entry, I wouldn't have thought, hey, I should do that, and which landed me keyboard-deep in food memories instead of folding laundry. Best-laid plans, bah.

As usual, the usual disclaimer (this is what I remember today, tomorrow's another list, my favorite dessert's the one I haven't yet tried, etc.). That said:

(1) Edradour (one of my joys in life: the look of happy revelation on my friends' faces when I serve this to them, when I can get it)
(2) Veuve Clicquot (can't usually afford this, but Erac's sister is both a surgeon and an oenophile, and brought several bottles with her to Thanksgiving dinner a couple of years ago)
(3) Ghiradelli hot chocolate
(4) decaf Earl Grey on a cold morning
(5) IBC root beer on a hot afternoon

(1) devils on horseback (the kind with chicken liver)
(2) shumai (and for some reason, they taste better to me in Hyde Park Thai restaurants than anywhere else in the world - excepting the wasabi shumai at Asahi in Nashville)
(3) sushi
(4) oyster-and-bean-sprout pancakes
(5) steak tartare

(1) my mother's moon cakes
(2) Klondike bars (I'm all about the chocolate shell...)
(3) the fruit tarts at Provence (Nashville)
(4) fresh cherries
(5) a Hershey's milk chocolate bar with almonds. (And it has to be the standard-sized bar, because the chocolate-to-almond ratio isn't right in either the king-sized version or the bag of individually-coated almonds.)

eating out
(1) Le Canard Huppe (Ile d'Orleans, Quebec)
(2) Arun's (Chicago, Illinois)
(3) Rundles (Stratford, Ontario)
(4) Medici on 57th (Chicago, Illinois)
(5) Mediterrano (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

chez nous
(1) cioppino
(2) pesto
(3) beef broccoli
(4) wontons
(5) roast chicken with shiitake-mushroom stuffing

It's certain that fine women eat
A crazy salad with their meat...
    - W.B. Yeats
[very much out of context, but still a fine poem...]

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