Measured Extravagance

2001-07-29 - 12:35 a.m.

July Ampersand project: going up/going down

This poem ended up having nothing to do with the topic, but since I started it nine days ago with the project in mind, I'm posting it here anyway:

Translucent Concrete

Sift me -- she said --
pour me into your life.
Absorb me into the bones of your house.
I will be your staircase.
I will be your window.
Rain will not scour me
but starlight shall pierce me
and drift across your heavy hair.

And then, since I still needed an on-topic poem, I poured myself another glass of red wine and lay on the sofa listening to Emmylou Harris. I'm no songwriter, but you wouldn't be far off course if you were to imagine me writing this with Emmylou's voice in mind:

days like this there is no porch
so high so wide the steps you'd take
would wash away in lightning

so a stage of ladder-fearing ghosts
there are no stairs there are no wings
the wind has whipped the uncropped grass

tight against the fence so high
standing still you still will drown
days like this there's only porch
go -- go up the lightning's coming down

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