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2000-12-10 - 7:47 p.m.

There's a new epistolary novel by Tommy Womack, yclept The Lavender Boys and Elsie. The first fifteen chapters are online, and I like how the plot's developing. My favorite line may be "He smells like bluegill," but here's a hook from the opening chapter to lure you in...

"You should do your best to keep them in your prayers, dear Sister, and I know how hard that can be. I know they're hard on you but don't harden your own heart back They're just dumb is all. They don't mean half of what they say to you and you take it all to heart way harder than they sling it. It's never folks' fault being stupid. They just are, I suppose. They can't help it. Nobody gets up in the morning and says oh boy I'm going to be dumb as wood today and boy won't it get folks' goats 'cause I'll say such rotten meanness and won't ever know it 'cause I'm an unthinking pile of horse gush such as the Lord has determined there needs to be so much of. No. If they weren't so dumb then maybe they'd realize how stupid they are and then they'd do something about it or at least try. But stupid people always tend to think they're pretty smart - that's the worst thing about them. They think they're where they need to be, and they're all happy about it. Such are the ways of the Lord."

To read the rest of the novel (so far), head to Tommy's website.

To see what I wrote about Mr. Womack earlier this year, see my earlier ramble on opening acts.

Oh, and my favorite link from Tommy's link page: Jump the Shark - what a beautiful term for the moment a tv show starts to die (or ought to, anyway...)

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