Measured Extravagance

27 April 2002 - third entry

After class, I stopped by the rummage sale at church, where one of the cashiers greeted me with glee (in spite of my sweatyness) and I picked up an armload of books, plastic graph templates (originally for needlepoint but I'm going to see if they work for lettering), a pair of Nashville Sounds oven mitts, a long green velvet dress and a pair of black suede boots. All for $8.50. The cashier and I joked about the fact I'd probably be donating some of the books to next year's yard sale - none of them would have been particularly compelling buys in and of themselves (a beat-up Norton Anthology of Poetry with "Rebecca" scrawled in ballpoint pen on the long edge, a very 1970 collection of poems and photographs that I picked up mainly because of its interesting hand-drawn decorative motifs, a book on music and text in worship, and Graham Swift's Last Orders), but the sale was taking place just a block away from the Y, so it just seemed natural to turn in and turn over my quarters to a good cause.

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