Measured Extravagance

12 March 2002 - 8:31 a.m.

I feel silly [tra-la-la], oh so silly [tra-la-la!]...

Alchera Weekly Challenge No. 6


I want to focus on people who usually don't get the focus. Everyone writes

books and stories and poems about lead singers, pitchers, writers, et

cetera. I want something about a drummer, an umpire, an editor--someone who

doesn't always get the limelight. It can be any role you can think of (as

long as it adheres to the requirements here), but I want you to assume the

role and write a first person narrative.

Bathe Me, Buff Me...

The eyes and the lips get most of the press
And many an ode has been offered to breasts.
The nape of the neck can inspire a long aria
And shapely thighs induce sweet hysteria.
But many a speeding affair veers off the rails
for want of attention to mundane details.
So hearken ye lovers, if you would prevail:
Your practiced maneuvers will founder and fail
If you do not heed with your soaps, files and pails
To placate and coddle your much-ignored toenails.

    - pld :-)

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