Measured Extravagance

08 October 2001 - 10:02 a.m.

Back from an excellent weekend with Dichroic and Rudder. Hiking, talking, vegging, singing (Dichroic and I taking turns belting out assorted folksongs and other lyrics in her acoustically "live" living room), drinking [1], dancing, flying - all very relaxing and very much needed after a full day with the client and the manic preparation beforehand.

And now I'm home, to piles of mail, stacks of dishes, lists of tasks [2] - I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Of course, the only way to banish that feeling is to dive into the tasks head-on, so off I go...

[1] It being a bachelorette party, I went with the flow - I generally prefer my poisons neat, but the theme of the evening decreed shots of "Buttery Nipple" and "Sex on the Beach" (the bride-to-be was also presented with a "Blow Job." Man, does that sentence look weird...)

[2] Of course, the silly thing is that so many of my "obligations" are self-imposed, such as my various writing projects. The Beautiful Young Man has been known to ask me, "Why are you stressing out over something that's supposed to be fun?" He has a point.

Along those lines, I don't yet know what I'm going to write for the October Fugue project, but it's already managed to get Steve Winwood's Still in the Game repeating through my head:

Here's to never letting go
Though sometimes it does get lonely

I still walk out in the morning light
Just to see what is there
I hear music in silent nights
Searching I find a reason to care
The heart moving still the same
Still in the game.

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