Measured Extravagance

18 June 2010 - 11:51 a.m.

General state of the Peg:
* doing battle with asthma (not severe or obvious enough to let myself off the hook on various obligations, but enough to be literally tiresome, and a tired Peg is a cantankerous Peg)
* pleased at there being plenty of work on hand and on deck for the next month
* not happy about the mosquitoes that come with hot, muggy weather, but said weather also brings fireflies and flowering crepe myrtles. I'm cool with it, so to speak. :-)

Recent publications:

"Schrodinger plus Descartes," a short poem at microcosms

Two poems at tinywords

"Retreat," a PicFic

I'm also pleased with After the Floods, a poem I wrote for Hiro.

As usual, there are other recs and ramblings at JournalScape, and I've been participating in Havi Brooks' Friday chicken ritual (admittedly often on Saturday, but that's how things flap around here).

With love and encouragement to all y'all, ~ p

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