Measured Extravagance

30 April 2003 - 11:45 a.m.

Two more library links:

Sleep for Grief, a story by Melymbrosia [followed a link at Kate Nepveu's, whose answers to the lyrical questionnaire meme constitute the cleverest set I've seen to date]

Via Naomi Chana: "if Marshmallow Peeps can do research, perhaps those of you with movable appendages could make it to the reserve desk once in awhile."

(As for the "Dante's Inferno" quiz in the same post, I got consigned to Level 5, the realm of "the wrathful and gloomy." Hah. I think I'll go dump some of that wrath and gloom into the last 1000 words I need to dredge up for The April Dare - after ruining three cards this morning, I think I need a couple of hours away from the easel.)

One year ago: "There are good things on the horizon. . ."

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