Measured Extravagance

27 April 2002 - 8:34 a.m.

It's turning out to be volunteer weekend chez Mechaieh, what with the BYM helping the boys from Texas raise money for the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children; I got a call last night to fill in as lay leader for tomorrow's Flower Communion services, and I worked the starting line shift at the Country Music Marathon this morning (4:30 a.m. to approximately 7:30).

I had a much better time this year than last - not that I didn't manage to have fun last time, but I really liked folks on the team for "Gear Check-In." The UPS guy on Truck #8 was friendly and funny, and my main job turned out to be helping him stow away the bags handed to us by a middle-aged empty-nest mother from Syracuse, a Lipscomb University freshman, and a University of Kentucky/National Guard alumna. (continued)

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