Measured Extravagance

09 March 2002 - 6:34 p.m.

Hoo, mercy. Serpente Mal has already posted most of the key details regarding last night's gathering chez Rancho Lesbiano, but here's a few more glimpses:

- Sara's new Hello Kitty vibrator shows a teddy bear in the clutches of HK. It was passed around and examined with much interest, Sara claiming that she'd only used it to chase the dog.

- Shih Tzus are #70 (out of 76) on one of the dog intelligence charts. Basset hounds are #71. Sara and Jake's dogs are Shih Tzus and Angel is a basset. This is a source of some amusement, particularly during doorway collisions.

- Jake not only lifted her shirt at the table (and they look every bit as nice IRL as on digital, btw) but dared Ricky to look at proof that her labial piercings were now unadorned as well. (Can't remember why he declined - I wouldn't have.)

- Lucy, who is most definitely a F-pant-O-pant-X, spoke at length about biting the heads off freshly-shot quails, pulling up her mother-in-law's panties, and being exhausted and smashed in Dublin.

- Deb's cooking - yummmm.

There was more (Sara reading Japanese, local porn stars, bills being considered by the state legislature, fun with guns, hair fetishes and religion, the proper way to spell "y'all" (three English M.A.s at the table ) but I need to stop hogging up the phone line. Suffice it to say it was festive. As for today - visitin' with Bad, hanging out at the barbershop while her hair got buzzed, chocolate-cinnamon ice cream at Jake's ice cream parlor, snoozing on the new couch with Tux the cat draped over my chest...

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